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John Dudley- AKA- Dudley or Dud

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I started hunting at the age of ten in my childhood state of Mississippi. I was raised to be a passionate deer and turkey hunter. To improve further on my hunting skills I started shooting at local clubs and shop tournaments. I quickly realized that archery was a talent I felt I was gifted with and shooting competitively seemed very natural. I started shooting professionally in 1997 and have competed in over 120 Professional events Worldwide. Since recognizing my talent I have successfully competed in 3D, field, indoor and outdoor target archery. I have represented the US Archery team for several years and won multiple medals and championships in each format. When I was 18, I left a college football scholarship opportunity to instead work in an archery shop for 4$ an hour simply because I loved it! Later I opened my own shop for a brief period before being hired at one of the leading bow manufacturers where I worked for nearly 9 years. I ventured on my own in 2006 to work independently as an International public relations/sales/ marketing manager for several archery manufacturers. I spend my days with my sales, marketing and R+D task, as well as, testing new gear, writing articles, taking photos or traveling the globe conducting educational compound archery training seminars for retailers, clubs and National teams. I have dedicated my life to archery and it has always been for the purpose of being better as a Bowhunter. I am fortunate to see a lot of places and coach some of the best shooters in the world and hunt with good people including my family and friends.

Professional Accomplishments

  • APA Rookie of the Year
  • IBO National Champion (2X)
  • NABH National Champion
  • AZ International Gold Medallist
  • European Grand Prix Gold medallist
  • World Field Championship Bronze Medallist
  • World Field Championship Silver Medallist
  • Arnold Classic Champion (2X)
  • US Open Silver Medallist
  • US Open Gold Medal Team
  • British National Indoor Champion
  • Australian Field Championship Gold Medallist

45 Career Top 3 Professional finishes

There are many people that have helped me get where I am today. I want to say thanks if you are one of those people. You know who you are and I sincerely appreciate it!