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My competitive shooting has been a long and adventurous road. I am very competitive by nature and really enjoyed my times on tour. It all started because I wanted to be a better Bowhunter and my hunting has really improved because of my target background. Here are some shots from competition trail.

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Dudley Vantage Elite Header Photo.JPGArrows in square.jpgGood groups may be signs from above but they take time and practice.JPGVantage Pro Indoors.jpgHelp promote the dealers ALWAYS.jpg
Good groups come from a good release.jpgPulling Through Shot396.jpgProper Shooting Form.JPGGetting_Archery_Strong.jpgProTour field group.jpg
Dudley with Bow.JPGPracticing year around builds confidence.JPGheader_photo_b.JPGMy first compound group at 70 meters ater nearly 9 months.jpgDSCN2648.JPG
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